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Who is George Ko?

A Pianist using Music and Design to Empower the Arts

Before George became a musician, he was an entrepreneur.  With his first business in high school, George saw himself as a businessman in the design and tech world.  However, a momentous concert at college changed his life, and George sought to become a pianist.  Now, George is an ambassador to the arts, a performer of the piano, and constantly exercising his entrepreneurial skills and experience to help the arts thrive.

“A rising star if there ever was one.”


“My goal is to share my love for music with everyone and to inspire others to help people through music.”


By always looking for new ways to interpret works from the past to the present, George delivers performances that are uncompromising and formed with the desire to give a most unique experience.


Helping people understand the music making process, especially from the conception of a musical idea to the actual performance, is important to George.  By sharing his experiences with music and explaining historically, philosophically, and psychologically how pieces came to be to the public, George enhances the overall concert experience through speech.


Creating opportunities for future generations is extremely important to George.  Aside from being an active performer, George engages in numerous projects to elevate music education efforts.  George has helped form two All-Steinway institutions, hosted numerous concerts and events for the public, and provided consultation to emerging arts organizations.

“Inspires others through honest music.”

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